Coaching individuals and groups on how to actualize along career pathways 

Working with leaders through 1 on 1 coaching to facilitate understanding and insights into behaviors and actions that can promote inclusion and a sense of belonging

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As an organizational culture influencer, coach, and technology leader for over 25 years, I use my knowledge and experience of organizational culture and people psychology to transform and encourage meaningful actions that can empower the human experience. I help my clients drive career change, growth, mindset shifts, and organizational change to foster inclusive work environments. I am a self-described people champion and an avid advocate for creating environments that promote the attraction, inclusion, participation, and retention of ALL people in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) pathways and in the workforce. My career journey exemplifies my penchant for always being ready to take on new challenges, especially in seeing people actualize. 

I could begin by telling you about the degrees, certifications, credentials, and professional experiences that make me the ideal person to facilitate your career journey. But the truth is, the badges I have collected along the way are not what connects me to you and enable me to help you activate and actualize. I am connected to you because I truly believe that our differences make a difference. I see YOU, I hear YOU. You are different and unique, and that is your POWER. I am here to help you to interrogate and unravel your unique power in your career journey and to champion YOU. 

I am a career and leadership coach. I help my clients drive career change, propel mindset shifts, and foster inclusive environments. I am here to help you to interrogate and unravel your unique power and to champion YOU.  

I'm Dr. Marge Sendze

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As human beings, our tendency is to move at the pace of our self-interest. If you are ready to move, I am here to equip you with the tools and mindsets to help you to get from your current point of inflection to impact.

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You will follow and evolve your action plan during 1 on 1 coaching sessions to shift your mindset, align, actualize the impact you wish to create and make your value visible. We will move at your pace and maintain a rhythm of focus and accountability based on an agreed-upon schedule. 



A successful coaching outcome begins with the right action plan for your unique career journey. The plan defines your need, focus, meaning, outcomes, and next steps and actions needed to engage in a successful coaching experience.

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During this 15-minute initial consult, we will work together to understand your need and begin the process of building a trusting coaching relationship. Read the coaching primer to help you to frame/reframe your need before the consult.


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My free coaching primer to help you get started in your career journey toward impact

4 steps to make your value visible


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My goal is to run a marathon on every continent. Two down, five more to go

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DIY around my house. I enjoy creating beautiful things and spaces 

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Kigali - Rwanda! Everyone needs to visit this Africa’s best-kept secret to understand

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words to live by

"If we do not understand and value how different we are, we can not understand how inclusive we need to be"

As a black female leader in technology, I was always acutely aware of the fact that there were not many women in technology professions and very few that look like me. I saw the absence of women in technology. I felt it. I experienced several career pivots, which eventually led me to my ultimate desire to work in the technology sector. For over 25 years in tech, I served as a web developer, project manager, and held several leadership roles up to a defining period in my life, about 10 years ago, when my father died. 

I am here because you need a trusted coach to help to power you through your career journey. I see YOU, I hear YOU, and I can help you to interrogate and unravel your unique power. I am here because I care, and have the expertise to champion YOU. 

why i am here

My Story

My father was my anchor, my champion in chief, and my ally. I quickly understood after he died that the one person who propelled me to dare to be anything I wanted to be and inspired me in so many ways had basically left me to face the harsh realities of my experiences as a woman and person of color in my career and in life. 

During my period of grief, I experienced a heightened awareness around the absence of women in my profession, which led to a powerful inflection point that would change my career focus and purpose for good. So, I made a commitment to myself that I would work to ensure that I leave the profession better than I found it.
My commitment led me to pursue a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology, and a certification as career and leadership Coach. Today, I use my knowledge and insights to conduct empirical research to understand behaviors and practices necessary to create and promote career growth for a diverse workforce. I coach individuals on how to overcome career setbacks and create impact, and leaders on how to propel people performance, unravel hidden icebergs, and foster inclusive workspaces where everyone can thrive.

That’s why I am here.

If we are serious about creating inclusive work environments where people feel like they belong, we should be ready to disrupt our own biases and assumptions, model inclusive behaviors, and gain the nuanced understanding needed to take meaningful actions. We must all work together to transform people's experiences and organizational outcomes through behaviors and mindsets that promote the attraction, growth, and retention of a robust workforce.

My goal is to leave the workplace better than I found it. 

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My free coaching primer to help you get started in your career journey toward impact

4 Steps To Make Your Value Visible