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Rest assured that you are not alone. And it is achievable. Let’s focus on you, your priorities, and growth, and enable you to achieve sustained impact in your career and leadership journey.

Experiencing career hold-ups or setbacks? Not sure how to navigate your self-doubts? Are you a leader who is ready to impact your organization’s strategic initiatives and drive people performance through inclusive leadership behaviors and practices? 

Overcome confusion in career direction to get to the pathway that is right for you.

Make the transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role.

Quel the voices of self-doubt that restrain your career movement and growth.

Uncover the hidden icebergs that get in your way of leading inclusively.

Prioritize inclusion and create work environments where people want to be and thrive.

Understand how to unleash your unique power to drive performance and create impact.

I help career professionals and leaders who are ready to...

I am Marge, a member of a community of people intricately connected by our humanity, where my difference and your difference are essential in co-creating spaces where we can thrive. I am an organizational psychologist, a leader in the technology sector for over 20 years, a certified diversity professional coach, educator, organizational culture influencer, and an avid advocate for underrepresented people in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). And I AM because of US. This is the expertise, knowledge, and mindset about our individual and collective journey toward self-actualization that I bring to every aspect of my lived experience and informs my commitment to champion YOU.

A community of people intricately connected by our humanity and where my difference and your difference are essential in co-creating spaces where we can thrive.

I am because of US

Hi! I'm Marge

"Dr. Sendze’s experience, education, and credentials are unparalleled, and she connects on a personal level in many disciplines."

Whether developing people or designing complex proposals, Dr. Sendze has a plain-spoken approach that is easy to understand and implement. You can count on Dr. Sendze to understand your career or organizational needs and deliver actionable insights to enhance your business outcomes.

"I started working with Dr. Marge at a time when things were pretty chaotic in my life."

She helped me get my sight on what was important to me, which prepared me for unexpected major transitions I was about to go through. Now on the other side of the craziness, I'm moving at a much healthier pace and making ever more money at a dream job! You are a gem, and I value your wise counsel! 

"Marge’s work and her ability to connect resonates with a variety of individuals regardless of background, age, gender, and work/life experiences."

Marge Sendze serves as a powerful strategic thought partner to the KC STEM Alliance and has done so for the past 8 years. She brings her compassion and dedication to a variety of initiatives as called upon by us. She is thoughtful, intelligent, inquisitive, creative, and most of all, enjoyable to work alongside. I have also found Marge accessible and available whenever I have needed her support.  

"Dr. Sendze is not afraid to have the raw conversations about racism."

As a Diversity, equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) coach, she is seasoned at addressing long-held deeper beliefs and biases about diversity to guide leaders and individuals to thrive through self-awareness and address native biases to effect change and promote inclusion.

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As your coach, you do not have to navigate career and leadership challenges on your own. I will work with you, 1 on 1, to facilitate your understanding of your unique strength, passion, and environment. Then, help you to use that understanding to map a pathway with key milestones needed to move you along in your career advancements, pivots, and impact. But you need to own your growth, and as your trusted coach, I am here to facilitate your journey.

An effective coaching experience is one that creates a safe space for you to identify, confront, and release your disempowering thoughts to move you along your growth journey.

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